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Website for Parents of Questioning Youth-LGBTQ

Parents often struggle with how to answer questions from their child/teen about sexuality.  Adolescence is a time of finding one's identify, and for some, the exploration of one's sexual orientation starts to emerge.  There are many terms that have emerged, from gay, lesbian, queer, questioning, and it may be helpful for to know more about them and what they mean.  Research has shown that parental support/acceptance is the most important factor for the well-being of LGBTQ youth (Katz-Wise, Rosario, Tsappis, 2016).  

Listed below is a resource to learn more information and tips that are helpful to know:

If you are a parent struggling to help your child, know that we are here to help.  Sometimes having a trusted adult who is not a relative/parent can be a valuable resource.

Research cited source:

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