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Guided Meditations for Children and Teens

With the start of the new school year quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you a website that has helpful guided meditations that can be downloaded for free. Why is using guided meditations important? Children and teens (and let's face it, us too!) are inundated with many stressors and responsibilities trying to successfully balance school and extracurricular activities. I'm seeing in my practice, many teens who are trying to juggle too many balls at once. While they may be "able" to do it, I'm also seeing it is taking a toll on their mental health. They often have lack of sleep, anxiety, and a depressed or irritable mood as a result. While guided meditations are not the only fix, it is a simple, evidenced-based tool free to use that can be one thing to focus on daily to help reset the mind/body to help reduce stress load. If you or your teen could benefit from additional resources to get a better handle on things, consider talking to one of us here at Katy Psychological Services, PLLC, we are here to help.

For kids:

Mindful Kids--You Tube

Guided Meditation for Children | Your Secret Treehouse | Relaxation for Kids

For teens:

Relaxing Sleep Music • Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music (Flying)

Apps to download:

For more research-based information on mindfulness:

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