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Welcome to Katy Psych Services, where we specialize in providing expert psychological evaluations for children, adolescents, and adults. Our team of experienced psychologists is dedicated to helping individuals understand and manage their mental health conditions.

Our psychological evaluations include assessments for a wide range of disorders, including:
  • Depressive disorders

  • Anxiety disorders, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, specific phobia, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety

  • Disruptive, Impulse-Control, and Conduct Disorders

  • Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders

  • Trauma and stressor-related disorders

  • Personality Disorders

Our assessments are thorough and comprehensive, utilizing the latest techniques and technologies to accurately diagnose and understand mental health conditions. We work closely with individuals and their families to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that includes therapy, medication management, and other interventions to help individuals succeed in life.

Our team of experts is highly trained in various forms of therapy including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, and other evidence-based therapies. These therapies have been shown to be effective in treating a wide range of mental health conditions, and our team is dedicated to providing individualized care to meet the unique needs of each patient.

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  • Do you take insurance?
    Although we are currently out of network with all insurance providers, at your request we can provide a detailed medical receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. You are encouraged to check with your insurance directly to inquire about what is covered on your specific plan.
  • Is testing for Learning Disabilities covered by my insurance?
    Unfortunately, no. There are no insurance plans that cover educational testing. Why? This type of testing can be done in the school setting. In the school system, you can request testing for dyslexia. If you are concerned with other aspects of reading (e.g., reading comprehension), math, or writing, you are asking for a Full and Individual Evaluation (FIE). This is done to determine if your child meets criteria for a learning disability through special education. All of this is at no cost to you. However, the school must agree that testing is needed. The process takes 2-3 months once approved.
  • Are Psychological Evaluations covered by insurance?
    Usually yes. Since we do not take insurance, any testing we conduct will be paid by you out of pocket. We can provide you with a detailed medical receipt (with CPT codes) to submit to your insurance carrier for reimbursement with an "out of network" provider. We don't guarantee any reimbursement, but we can help you with the information to file a claim for any benefits for which you may be eligible. Contact your provider if you want to know if, and what amount, you can be reimbursed.
  • How do your rates and service compare to other providers?
    We are a group of doctoral level psychologists, the highest degree obtained in the field. (We also have one Licensed Psychological Associate, which is Master's level psychologist). If you compare our pricing, you will see we are often not the highest priced-even though we have the most extensive training. Please click on "rates" for current pricing. We pride ourselves in high quality services that is individualized for your specific needs. Our pricing reflects individual time with the psychologist, a full written report with recommendations, and a feedback session to go over the results with you. We often hear from clients that our evaluations were very comprehensive, that our recommendations were individually tailored, specific, and useful. We often hear at our feedback sessions how glad they were to have chosen us and that they feel better about what direction to take now that they have clearer answers. For therapy, we used evidenced-based practices. While "talk therapy" is very important, we also know that learning skills and practicing them outside of sessions often yields improved outcomes and progress toward goals we set in therapy. The treatment modalities we use for indidivual therapy are CBT, ACT, and DBT. We offer parent management training using PCIT and skills-based manual treatment. We do not offer couples or family therapy services at this time.
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